1. Data Protection

1.1. Policy

We take very seriously the privacy of the personally identifiable information we collect, process and use during your visit to our homepage. Your data will be protected in accordance with the appropriate data protection law. Information on which data is collected while you browse our homepage and how it is recorded and used is described in the section below.

1.2. Collection and Processing of Personal Data
As a rule you can visit our web pages without any personally identifiable information being required from you. All we learn about you is the name of your Internet service provider, browser type/version, the website from which you visited us, which of our web pages you browse on our site and the time of the server request. This information is used only for the purpose of statistical analysis and then deleted. The individual user remains anonymous.
Cookies are identifiers that a web server can send to your computer so that it can be recognized for the duration of your visit. You can set your browser to inform you when cookies are placed, offering you transparency on the use of cookies.

1.3. Purpose of Using and Passing On Personally Identifiable Information
We use any personally identifiable information you provide solely for the purpose of fulfilling our contractual obligations, providing customer service and replying to your inquiries, and store only the data necessary for transacting business. The use of data also includes the transfer for advertising purposes of address details to Vorwerk Group companies and third parties. You may at any time revoke the use of data for advertising purposes. To do so, please send written notification to the following address:

HECTAS Facility Services Stiftung & Co. KG
Konsumstr. 45
42285 Wuppertal

or by email to: info(at)hectas.com

1.4. Right to Information
On request and in accordance with applicable data protection law, we will inform you of whether and which personally identifiable information about you is stored in our system.

1.5. Security Notice
We have implemented technical and organizational safeguards to protect your personally identifiable information from unauthorized access, loss and destruction. Our security measures are constantly upgraded in line with technological developments.

2. Public Procedure Directory
Pursuant to Section 4g of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), the data protection officer must, on request, provide the information required under Section 4e BDSG. This and further information is held by the data protection officer in extensive and detailed overviews. In order to give you an initial indication of what this entails, we present below the main data, condensed and summarized for HECTAS Facility Services Stiftung & Co. KG. On request, we will be pleased to advise you of whether we have stored personally identifiable information about you and by what method of automated processing data may be stored and exactly which data that is. This in no way restricts your right to information under § 34 BDSG.

2.1. Name of Responsible Entity
HECTAS Facility Services Stiftung & Co. KG

2.2. Members of the Executive Board
Markus Breithaupt (CEO)
Christian von Vaernewyck

Chief Information Officer
Hartmut Schröder

2.3. Address of Responsible Entity
Konsumstr. 45
42285 Wuppertal

2.4. Purpose of Data Collection, Processing and Use
The object of the company is to provide services in the area of infrastructural facility management. Data is collected, processed and used for the purpose of conducting our above-mentioned business activities.

2.5. Description of the Relevant Group of Persons and Related Data or Data Categories
Details of customers and employees, and such data as necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes described under 4.

2.6. Recipients or Categories of Recipients to Which Data May be Sent
Public authorities if statutory regulations of prime importance exist, external customers in accordance with Section 11 of the German Federal Data Protection Law (BDSG) and external entities as well as internal departments for the fulfillment of the purposes set out under 4.

2.7. Data Retention Regulations
The law prescribes a variety of obligations and periods with regard to the retention and deletion of data. The respective data is routinely deleted upon expiration of these deadlines. Should data exist to which such time limits do not apply, it shall be deleted if the purposes set out under 4. no longer apply.  
Data not subject to these regulations shall be deleted when the purposes cited under 4 no longer apply.

2.8. Planned Data Transfer to Third Countries
No transfer to third countries is planned.
HECTAS Facility Services Stiftung & Co. KG 
data protection officer

Last updated: Mai 2013